The Inside

Before I could do a full-scale build out, I had to run wiring and get some of the larger plumbing items in place. I sheeted the walls with luon paneling because it is cheap and easy to work with.  Later, I wallpapered over the luon with a textured wallpaper.

The frame at the back became the master bed. The green tanks are 55 gallon vanilla extract drums that I got for $8 each at a nearby factory bakery. They are new food-service rated plastic, so they can be safely used for potable water.

I built a custom dashboard – complete with backup camera monitor, generator remote start switch and other misc switches. I had to totally rewire the entire 12 volt electrical system because it had been modified so many times over the years.

In the ceiling, I installed AC units, a smoke/carbon monoxide detector and a vent fan/skylight.

After completing the rough, background work, I was able to install the final, finished interior. The driver's seat is a nice, six-way electric seat that was designed for a nice tour bus.  It was one of the more expensive parts.

With all of the windows and skylights, there was no need for artificial light inside the bus during the day. The final bus had enough bunks for 9 people, a small kitchen with a sink and a microwave. There was a large RV refrigerator, a bathroom, and a full, stand-up shower.  There was a television with a DVD player and digital satellite system.

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